Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

Data Analytics and BI Solutions engage relationship to build advantage. We cooperate with you to choose increasingly taught choices and change. Engage you to choose increasingly informed choice and business decisions.
Enormous data assessment enables relationship to separate a mix of sorted out, semi-composed and unstructured data searching for significant business information and bits of information. It examines broad educational assortments containing an arrangement of data creates to open disguised models, cloud associations, publicize designs, customer tendencies and other critical business information.

These efficient revelations can incite progressively fruitful advancing, new pay openings, better customer advantage, improved operational capability, high grounds and update business execution.
At Belatrix we appreciate that Data Analytics and BI is the need of incredible significance and that it is so essential to decide huge models out of this exploding data broaden. We can separate and fathom the examination and floating needs of an affiliation and work out an answer that fits just for you.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) at Belatrix:

Assessment utilizing
SSRS Reports and Dashboards
Scene Dashboards
Jaspersoft Reports and Dashboards

Hadoop Skills
Hadoop Cluster Administration
Acquiring/Exporting data using Sqoop
Taking care of Data on HDFS

Java MapReduce
Pig Latin
Off the cuff Analysis using HiveQL
Make Reports/Dashboards from Hive

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